8 November 2005

Constantly losing your bookmarks? Can’t keep them properly organized? Ever find a page you like, but didn’t bookmark it because you knew it would just get lost in your cascading overflow of bookmarks never to be revisited? You need

Here’s how it works:

-First you sign up for an account. You fill out the usual information.

-Now they tell you how to add to Firefox. Follow the directions to add the “post to” button, but don’t bother with “my” button. I’ve got a better idea.

-Go to your user page. For instance, my user page is When you get there, click the little orange feed button in the right hand corner of the address bar and make sure you press “Add ‘RSS Feed of X’s bookmarks’ as a live bookmark” and place it where ever you would want to go to see your bookmarks. Be careful not to press “Add ‘RSS Feed of X’s tags’ as a live bookmark”.

-Now start adding bookmarks! When you go to a page you want to add to your bookmarks, click the “post to” button. When you press it, it will take you to a page to fill out information:

Adding bookmarks in

The URL and description are filled out for you, now all you need to do is tag it. A tag makes it easier for you to find a site in your list by giving it associations that you can easily look up later on. For instance, if you couldn’t remember what you named the bookmark to a picture of David dressed as Batman, you might look under the tags called “gay” or “amusing”. Once you’ve filled in the tags, press save to store the bookmark.

-You may also notice after a few minutes that if you go in to your bookmarks and look at your RSS feed of your bookmarks, that bookmark will be sitting there waiting to be looked at: bookmarks

Cool huh? There are also features for sharing bookmarks with friends that I have not gotten to try out yet due to having no friends on…


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